Botapp in Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

Can someone add the recap ep (5.5)?

TomGER in Suggestion in music

Hmm, a queue of one anime / playlist per-say would be easy. Automatic recommendations would be kinda hard.

Shiyanora in Blizzard's comment

Nice song!

Shiyanora in Musicians

Hello there! ヾ(^∇^) If you are not just an anime freak but also a (hobby) musician and would like to share your passion, feel free to join this group :) I expect this to be a lovely community where everyone who is passionate about this can share his/her work and feel free to give honest but respectful feedback to other people’s work. And if you don’t want or have anything to share but you just love making and listening to music, you’re more than welcome as well. That’s it. Now let’s have a lovely time ^-^

Akyoto in [2020-10-23] Update
  • Company pages now display average ratings (added by TomGER)
  • Development: Updated the server software to the most recent versions
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I think I’m replying to this question too late but anyways Black Clover is my favorite anime and manga but it is least appreciated.

SanyamGarg in Suggestion in music

Option to choose which song plays next and make a queue instead of having to search up the song the moment the current one ends

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Hai! We out here talkin’ italics.

Shiyanora in SanyamGarg's comment

Yeah, definitely a good one.

Spyros in SanyamGarg's comment

nope, nothing so far.

SanyamGarg in One Punch Man 2

it ended really abruptly, there was no proper ending to the season, im confused?

SanyamGarg in Darling in the FranXX

There is no side story/sequel/prequel/OVA??????

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Waggysaggy in SanyamGarg's comment

I thought it was pretty good.

VileCreamPuffs in SanyamGarg's comment

Hey there!

SanyamGarg to Pirolus


SanyamGarg in Darling in the FranXX

Completed in right before an exam, no regrets, absolutely loved it

TomGER in Akyoto's comment

Oh interesting, I assumed that they just embed-ed videos. The more you know I guess.

SanyamGarg in Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie: Mugen Ressha-hen

Where can i watch it in subbed?

SanyamGarg in Akyoto's comment

Oh okay! thanks

Akyoto in TomGER's comment

These are actually unrelated to, I bought some servers for this project in the past.

Akyoto in What are the episode pages?

There are some anime where we had our own streaming solution (see Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken - Ep 1) but this project is on ice.

TomGER in What are the episode pages?

There used to be support for streaming.

Shiyanora in TomGER's comment

It’s hard to imagine an arc being more dragging than the Ant arc… must be really wearisome.

TomGER in import

@Akyoto has been notified :)

TomGER in Eccentricity's comment

Okay, looking into the issue then :) Akyoto (The site’s owner) speculates that it’s likely an issue with the MAL importer.

Muti in import

error importing kitsu list

Eccentricity in TomGER's comment

Yeah says i’ve only watched 140 days on profile when on myanimelist it says i’ve seen 357.2 days

TomGER in Rewatch Capability

Are you sure? The code says the contrary

TomGER in Shiyanora's comment

Oh yeah, the manga is infamous for it’s absolutely awful schedule (And honestly, super rushed art sometimes), I’d say that it’s highly likely it’ll never finish. The last chapter was released 2 years ago and the entire arc drags itself out even more than the Chimera Ant arc.

Shiyanora in TomGER's comment

That’s interesting to know. But the manga is not finished yet, right? Hope I remember correctly but I think I heard that, due to some illness or something, the mangaka is very slowly updating this manga and might even not finish it. But I’m not sure. However, I know there’s an extra manga story about Hisoka. Since he’s my fav character I guess I’ll read it someday :)

Spyros in ONA Capability

Current episode list is shown through syoboi for the moment, akyoto is the site administrator, hopefuly some day he can add this as extra.

Spyros in Notifications

No, you dont, you only get them through the site

Spyros in Anime Missing

This one exists, Also animelist is the only one splitting part 2 into sections and dates, the rest of the trackers are mentioning it as a single part 2 with 100 episodes so far.

Eccentricity in Anime Missing

I have anime missing from myanimelist. One anime is important to me - Douluo Dalu. It is an ONA.

Eccentricity in Notifications

Do you get email notifications for new episodes?

Eccentricity in ONA Capability

Chinese anime don’t show current episodes out. Making the software search sites like could show what episode a show is up to.

Eccentricity in Rewatch Capability

The site determined my total time watching anime disregarding how many times I’ve re-watched them.

SanyamGarg in What are the episode pages?

Whenever i click on an episode on, it shows a blank rectangle with alt text “episode not available yet”. What does this mean? Is an anime streaming website too?