Sphinx in 86

Damn That was nice

Dimehell in J-pop

Hey my favorite opening is maybe “This Game ” from No Game no Life And my favorite ending is the first ending of Mirai Nikki

Dimehell in Musicians

I am french and Metallica come finally in Hellfest 2022 to play !!!

Dimehell in Shiyanora's comment

thanks !

Shiyanora in Fleef's comment

That’s quite possibly, I think he voiced a lot of anime charas! I normally watch anime with the original Japanese voices, though, so I don’t get to hear him a lot ^^ But I like his voice!

Fleef in Shiyanora's comment

oh wow. I feel like i’ve watched multiple anime’s where they sound similar to arslan. Thanks for the info

Shiyanora in Fleef's comment

A friend of mine also recommended that one to me. Definitely gonna give it a try soon!

Shiyanora in Musicians

So nice to have some more people here now! I’ve been inactive for a while but now welcome to all the new members! :) よろしく!

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Not sure what exactly you’re referring to but apart from that: The mangaka of Fullmetal Alchemist and Arslan Senki is actually the same! And another fact, the English voice actor of young Van Hohenheim is the same of Arslan :D

Ljisko to Taki


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true !

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Ahh I see. Finally I understand the secret art of rating an anime

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ep 976 with new op animation

edit: they changed around 5 seconds of it, so it’s not that much but hey

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9.9 = yeah it’s a good anime

10 = has a beach episode

Frederik in Dimehell's comment

What the difference between 9.9 and 10? Isnt that the same? Asking for a friend

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Frederik to Dimehell


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hi, nothing much just watching some anime hehe

Dimehell to Matias

yo what’s up here

Fleef in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Welp started watching this a about 2-3 weeks ago, got to ep 13, watched the rest in 4 days. Now i see why it has such a high rating :)

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True loser <3

Matias to Frederik

My only friend

Frederik to Matias

Hallo sir

Botapp in Oshiri Tantei


SanyamGarg in Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie: Mugen Ressha-hen

Bless the playstation intern

XVII_sama in Blossom

ajouter moi discord les mec

XVII_sama in Blossom


XVII_sama in Blossom

oe oe oe

Dalos in Blossom

met mounif

Sphinx in Ai no Utagoe wo Kikasete

Watched the trailer. An Introvert guy, a very happy girl, music and a freaking piano… I think we all know how this gonna end.


i completely forgot i had this acc until i finished jojo 15mins ago

Fleef in Tokyo Revengers

Finished 8 episodes in 1 day and it was really good, a show that made me want to keep watching the next episode badly

Fleef in Tokyo Revengers

Only seen 3 episodes so far and it is very good, if you are thinking about watching it, Watch it.

BasicallyWiz in Comment bug

Edit: While posting this comment, it would appear that this site’s comments are actually super screwy with tag identifiers. The site actually just removes them entirely from this comment, and uses them to make new lines…?


In HTML, items are defined using tags, looking like this: all items use to signify that that item has ended. Here is an example of a paragraph tag, which is the tag your having an issue with:

Text goes here, it just shows up as text in a browser.

Somehow the browser found a

without a

, making the browser see that the rest of the page is in that item, until noticing it just doesn’t end, and complains. It can’t exactly be fixed on your side, unless you typed

somewhere in the comment, and it was interpreted as an item.

BasicallyWiz in Anyone else notice that the upload date on soundtracks being weird?

It would appear that soundtrack release date (on this site) is based on when the draft is started, not when it is published. For exactly that reason, I just uploaded the first closing song from “So I’m A Spider, So What?” because that is my favourite from the show so far, and it shows that the publishing date is two years ago. However, while uploading the first opening, I had created a completely different draft, and the site uses the creation date and time from that draft, leading me to notice that bug. It’s a small, funny, and barely noticeable bug, but it should be easy to fix.

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fax watch boku no pico it’s the best

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Nothing much, suddenly so many exams have come up so cant rlly do anything other than study 😂

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hey wassup

Dimehell to Fleef