Editors can now add anime to our database freely, with no restrictions.

Ikat in Robjack's comment

I like quotes, I like “liking” characters. It’s perfect ;)

Robjack in Kufa Vampir's quote

Hmmm, I see why you wanted…

Akyoto in Spyros's comment

Yep, done.

Ikat in Isekai Question

I suppose it would force me into becoming a billionaire so I could live the ideal Isekai life after death. HELL YEA.

Spyros in Isekai Question

Well, I always wanted pointy ears and a ridiculous amount of powers, so why not?

Spyros in BEM

For some reason kitsu says 13 episodes but mal, anilist, wiki and shoboi says 12 and the website portrays 12 episodes. Can we correct this pls?

JadedFreak in Isekai Question

If someone invented a way to Isekai people to random worlds after death for large sums of money. would you do it? The more money you use, the more choice you have of what kinda world, powers, and form you have when you get there.

Aru in JadedFreak's comment

I’m sorry for the very long wait, but I and the other editors have added everything that we can import from Kitsu, such as:

Taeko no Nichijou
Dorofuru: Iyashi-hen
Aikatsu no Parade
Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle
Tenka Hyakken: Meiji-kan e Youkoso!
Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise
Kengan Ashura 2nd Season
XL Joushi.
Africa no Salaryman (TV)
Kimi dake ni Motetainda.
Santa Company: Christmas no Himitsu
Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai: The Clouds Gather

But there’s also some that we can’t add yet due to Kitsu not having an entry of it yet, such as:

Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin: Fukurokouji to Ano Ko to Ore to
Strike Witches: 501 Butai Hasshin Shimasu! Movie
Star Twinkle Precure: Hoshi no Uta ni Omoi wo Komete
Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor - The Beyond Part 2
Sumikko Gurashi
Gundam: G no Reconguista Movie
Boku no Hero Academia the Movie 2: Heroes:Rising

Still, thank you very much for the list, we really appreciate it!

JadedFreak in Random Anime Picker

I use this website a lot and it would be cool to have it integrated into this website.

Ikat in Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld

Oh boy.. Here we go again.. SAO, like for many other people holds a special place in my heart. Really looking forward to this second half of Alicization as well as just getting to see Kirito & Asuna again :D

HakiRules in New season animes are imported into planned

When importing from MyAnimeList, all the new season animes that i have in watching on MAL are imported into the planned tab, tried putting an old anime on watching and it imported well, the problem is only with this season animes.

Edit: solved, deleting the entire list and re-importing it worked

Ikat in Akyoto's comment

Sure! It’s pretty much like you say it is, a simple time skip in the video. Once the intro starts playing, a button appears that says “skip intro” ( - Bottom right button) which will take you to the exact time where the intro ends. I am a person that will watch many episodes of anime/tv shows in a single session, binging shows all the time. It is so incredibly convenient not having to listen to the intro every single time and being able to just skip it by clicking a button as soon as it appears.

Akyoto in Ikat's comment

Could you elaborate on the “skip into” thing?

I’ve never used Netflix but from your description it sounds like a “time jump” to different parts of the video which is definitely possible.

Sullu in Akyoto's comment

thank you all my pages are now loading smoothly and there appears no problem now

JadedFreak in Little idea

Just discovered the Hall of Fame on here. it would be cool if everyone had there personal hall of fame on there profile. this is a stupid idea. but it is an idea.

Ikat in JadedFreak's comment

I’m not entirely sure in what cases you would want a playlist that you can play on repeat. In my personal experience, I rarely find myself wanting to re-watch anime within a short time of watching it the first time but I can imagine a few ‘specific’ scenarios where a playlist would be cool to have. already has the “next” button in the corner of the video when you reach the last 2 minutes of an episode which is plenty for me.

My wish for anime-viewing in the future would be some sort of “skip into” button, the same way Netflix has it. I typically don’t feel like watching the OP to an anime every single episode if I’m binge watching a show. I’m not sure if something like that would ever be possible tho since most episodes play the OP at different times.


Random thought that’s been on my mind a lot. would it be cool if you could make an anime playlist? like a youtube playlist, where you can make it play anime episodes in any order you want and on repeat? You would not have to left a finger to go to the next episode or switch between anime.

LazySano in Ikat's comment

yeah i love her too

Ikat in Kono Yuusha ga Ore TUEEE Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru

The MC is voiced by the same actor that voiced Goblin Slayer and it’s literally a perfect fit. I absolutely love this MC.

Ikat in Akyoto's comment

I see, I wasn’t aware of that! I imagine something like APNG or WebM should be fine if it can provide the same kinds of results (short looped video). Would be cool to see in the future, thanks!

Akyoto in Profile Picture's Gif support.

GIF is a very, very old and expensive (data size) format that should no longer be used.

I can’t make any promises but there is a chance we could support APNG or WebM avatars in the future.

Ikat in Profile Picture's Gif support.

Would it be possible to add support for Gif’s as Profile pictures? Would be cool to have it work like Discord does where it loops the Gif. Could possibly be added as a PRO benefit as well.

David_richards in Ikat's comment

Yh there some I have never heard off

Ikat in David_richards's comment

Hell yeah. I’ve had a Netflix subscription for the Family for quite awhile now but I’ve never used it. I’m glad they’re starting to add more and more anime there too :D

David_richards in Ikat's comment

Yeah Netflix has up there anime game

Ikat in David_richards's comment

I didn’t actually know it was on Netflix, thanks. Will definitely re-watch it some time as well. Might re-watch season 1 of the anime as well soon :D

David_richards in Ikat's comment

Yeah me too, can’t wait. When I have time I might have to watch it again on netfilx

Ikat in David_richards's comment

Yeah :D I honestly didn’t expect a season 2 either at all. Thought it was just kind of over after the movie. Glad they’re doing more stuff!

David_richards in Ikat's comment

I saw it on you tube I was over the moon

Spyros in Robjack's comment

I hear dead people, so I dont mind

Robjack in Robjack's comment

I know, me to.

Robjack in Robjack's comment

Sometimes I talk to my self.

Robjack in Robjack's comment

I posted it on your page cauz it felt wierd to do so on my.

Robjack to Spyros

On another note, been waiting for The king’s avatar…

Ikat in David_richards's comment

Yeah, I saw that! I’m so excited for the second season. It came as a total surprise for me as well as I hadn’t re-watched the anime in quite awhile and then I got the notification that it’ll get a second season. Totally awesome :D

David_richards in Ikat's comment

The Irregular at Magic High School you know there going to be a 2nd season that come out next year can’t wait, I love that anime as well

Ikat in Shioko's comment

I’ve been a huge fan of Isekai for a while now. While I hope the genre calms down a tiny bit, I hope it never really dies. It’s so much fun seeing all the different worlds & character’s and there’s nothing that gets me going like a great Isekai anime :)

Ikat in Shioko's comment

I second this 100%

Ikat in David_richards's comment

It’s really hard to narrow it down to 1/a few anime that are my “favorites” but I some I remember off the top of my head are; They’re both very different genre’s but I absolutely love both of them. There’s so many more out there that make the top for me but it’s way too many to list :D