Is there any possible way to add a favorite anime, characters and all that?


I want to use this website as one of my anime list backups, and this is one of something that I’d like to have. Am I so dumb that I can’t find how?

Also: - 5-star ratings? - Cover view anime list?

That’s the only thing I feel like missing. Aside from those, this website is pretty great, especially the offline mode and the super fast loading time!


Hey there,

I would recommend you to change your username (so I know how to call you) and upload an avatar in the settings.

This site is very new (not even 5 months old) so the features you mentioned are not available yet. There are about 60 outstanding issues in the todo list and that doesn’t even cover everything. If you want to help making this site even more awesome, you should support us because that helps me deliver more features in the highest possible quality.

I’m happy you enjoy the site already, have fun watching!


Thats pretty cool! Also, I noticed that I can’t edit anime pages, but I can edit the company/studio pages. Is this intended?


Editing anime is reserved for official editors. If you’d like to join the team, message me (on Discord).

Soundtracks, quotes and companies can be edited by any user.

That is intended, yes.