I need help! My account got reset!


hello, my name is Mercina .L and about 10 minutes ago I logged in with my google account to see that my account details, as well as my list of anime, has been completely wiped. is there anyway to get it back? or do i just need to strat from scratch?


I also have searched up my account and it is still present? I go by the username ‘FluffyQuartzGamer’ however it is not connected to my google account? I have tried logging back in in the extension and website on firefox but still hasn’t fixed the problem.


apparently, it deleted my google account but it still being able to be connected to my facebook account. huh weird. I think this is a problem that needs to be addressed as other people won’t have both facebook and google connected. Thank you for your time.


First of all, accounts never get deleted. So rest assured.

Even if such a thing happened, we have hourly backups of the data and can roll-back data to any point in the past 48 hours.

There is absolutely no way to connect Google and Facebook automatically, which is why every user needs to connect both accounts in the settings.

Connect Google and Facebook

If you login via Google when it hasn’t been connected in the settings, it will create a new account that is connected to Google only. This can be fixed by logging in via the other service to your main account and then adding the Google connection to your main account.

I’ve looked at your account and it seems you have both connected now. That means you should be able to login via any service and it will lead to the same account.

Let me know if you have any questions left.