Sad to say... :(


I have been using this site mostly for background noise since there are no other real 247 anime track stations [if there are point them my way, please.] [I used this for about 4 months] Sad to say with the recent music restriction this lowers my interest in using this site greatly. I mostly use Kitsu for my anime organization.

[I also wanted to point out there is no way to delete my account that I can tell from this site.]


The service can’t survive without financial support. Become a supporter and you can not only enjoy the service in its fullest, but see the site getting better and better with more backers.

But you do what you need to do. It’s all cool. Thank you for enjoying the site so far *respectfully bows*.


Ask @Akyoto for account deletion, I guess. Or just leave it up there, who knows that you suddenly want to use this site again for other reasons.


Account deletion doesn’t exist because it’s a huge technical effort to implement it correctly.

Most people don’t realize that account deletion is a feature that takes a lot of time to implement and maintain.

Also, like @Yoshioka said, who knows when you’ll need that account again. It’ll save you time in the future when you decide to check back on the site.