Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer


The series’ main character, an experienced silver ranked adventurer who only concerns himself with hunting goblins. The jobs he takes only involve goblins and takes no others.

Despite being a silver-ranked adventurer, Goblin Slayer’s choice of equipment poorly reflects his rank. He is often seen equipped in grubby leather armor with a chain mail underneath, paired with his signature cheap-looking helmet

His style of combat favors more on pragmatism such as setting traps, using their own weapon against the user, and taking whatever advantage that may come. He even uses his own imagination of using a protection spell.

His desire to kill goblins stems from two places: to prevent what happened to his village happening to others and to get revenge by eliminating every single member of their race. To this end, he has a single-minded devotion that has led him to being rigorous in hunting them down, leaving nothing to chance, and pushing those under his tutelage into being just as prepared. He will not hesitate to put himself against odds that will all but ensure his death, being more than willing to face off against a goblin horde of at least 100 in an effort to kill as many as he can before they kill him.


Trained Combatant: Goblin Slayer is relatively skilled in most weapons that he can get his hands on, using them effectively enough to kill goblins. He is also perfectly capable of combating other kinds of monsters, as well as other adventurers.

Master Swordsman: Goblin Slayer is extremely skillful in wielding any bladed weaponry from short swords, daggers to knives. With his short sword, he can slay multiple goblins at once with masterful dexterity.

Master Strategist: Goblin Slayer is an excellent strategist, specializing in ambush and guerrilla warfare. He could come up with extraordinary plans to trap large numbers of goblins, eliminating them with efficiency.

Goblin Knowledge: Goblin Slayer has devoted himself towards all matters related to goblins, ranging from their habits to their mindsets. This makes him the frontier’s foremost expert when it comes to dealing with goblins, a specialist without peer in matters relating to them sought out by High Elf Archer and Sword Maiden.

Physical Conditioning: Goblin Slayer has rigorously trained his body to utmost perfection, granting him top notch physical abilities.

Master Marksman: Goblin Slayer is an incredibly proficient archer; he can accurately shoot down Goblins from vast distances. With a thrown javelin, he could fatally injure a goblin shaman with little effort.

Strength: Goblin Slayer has a extremely high level of physical strength. He could overpower even large goblins and wield blunt weapons such as clubs and stone axes with enough force to slaughter goblins in a single hit.

Speed: He could strike down multiple goblins at once with superior speed and reflexes. Can react fast enough to defend against unexpected attacks.

Endurance: He also possesses an incredible amount of endurance and pain tolerance, capable of fighting after having broken multiple bones. Goblin Slayer is well acclaimed to snowy mountains and cold temperatures, as he received his training in such environments.

Senses: Goblin Slayer is extremely aware of his surroundings, having extensively trained to utilize all his senses including sight and hearing. He could even detect a goblin hiding in pitch black darkness.


Shield: A buckler that is small, round and easy to carry. Can be used as a blunt or cutting weapon.

Short Sword: Sword optimized for use in confined spaces. Routinely broken.

Longbow: Standard longbow used to snipe enemies.

Light Armor: Leather armor adorned with metal plates, including a metal helmet and chainmail. Allows quick movement while providing minimal protection from light attacks.

Magic Scroll: Used in desperate situations.

Torch: Always on hand in case he needs to light or burn something.

Rock - His last resort if being surrounded in an isolated place.



Source:Goblin Slayer! Wiki


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