Hinami Fueguchi

Hinami Fueguchi

Hinami is a child ghoul whose both parents were killed by ghoul investigators.The CCG currently holds insufficient information about Hinami, and therefore has not succeeded in eliminating her.

Before, she and her mother sought help from the owner of the Antique Cafe to acquire food. Hinami is a shy, childish girl with a very gentle heart. She is also eager for knowledge and fond of reading in order to learn. She cares deeply for Touka and Kaneki, constantly expressing sadness and worry for the two’s unhappiness.

Even as a young child, Hinami is stronger than ordinary ghouls. Typically, ghouls only inherit the Kagune from one parent, but Hinami inherited both the Koukaku Kagune from her mother and the Rinkaku Kagune from her father. With the Koukaku on her shoulder blades and the Rinkaku emerging from the waist, she has surpassed her parents to be strong enough to fend for herself. She has a great sense of smell that can detect enemies even in heavy rain. She could tell that there is something off with Kaneki’s smell, while average ghouls might consider him a normal ghoul at first. Her sense of hearing is also great, being able to overhear inside a building that it makes sounds hard to get out.

Currently, she is living together with Touka Kirishima.

After the raid in the 20th ward and the disappearance of Kaneki it is shown that Hinami is now a member of Aogiri Tree.

At the end of the Auction Raid when Hinami is exhausted and Arima is about to kill her, Haise Sasaki “claims rights” over her thus protecting her. She is now a prisoner in the Ghoul Detention Center.



Age:13–14 (Tokyo Ghoul), 16–17 (Tokyo Ghoul
Birthday:May 21
Height:148 cm
Weight:40 kg
Feet:22 cm
Blood type:AB
RC type:Rinkaku and Koukaku
Source:Tokyo Ghoul Wiki


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