Shuu Tsukiyama

Shuu Tsukiyama

Shuu Tsukiyama is the infamous Gourmet ghoul. He is a fourth-year student studying Social Welfare at the Department of Human Sciences at Haruna Gakuin University.

An eccentric man with opulent taste, his act as a gentleman and an intellectual, serves as a facade to hide a disturbed and narcissistic nature. As a ghoul, he displays his arrogance as a strong predator that seeks to devour the finest meals he makes of his ‘prey,’ so as to proclaim himself the top carnivore of the food chain. His interest in European literature and language is shown in his gestures and mannerisms, often peppering his dialog with borrowed English, French, and Italian. He shows great anger towards others who disrespect his taste in food; shattering a teacup in front of Kaneki during their date at the coffee shop when he remembered his encounter with Rize. Rize, while working at his Gourmet Club, believed that his picky eating habits made him seem more like a human than a ghoul, the worst sort of insult he could have received, and therefore Shuu bears grudges over Rize, calling her a ‘pig’ for ridiculing his taste for food.

Currently, he is obsessed with Ken Kaneki’s flesh and blood.

He was a member of the Ghoul Restaurant, known as “MM” until he betrayed them.

In Tokyo Ghoul:re, it is revealed Tsukiyama fell ill and became extremely thin after being led to believe Kaneki was killed by Arima. After finding out Kaneki is in fact living on as the Investigator Sasaki Haise, his health improved drastically and he was motivated to bring back Kaneki’s memories. When confronting Sasaki, he comes to the realisation that he enjoyed the time he spent with Kaneki, and cares for him deeply, to the point that he no longer thinks of him as just food- he accepts that Kaneki is living a better life as Sasaki even though it breaks his heart that he cannot protect him like he used to.



Birthday:March 3
Height:180 cm
Weight:71 kg
Blood type:A
Rc Type:Koukaku
Source:Tokyo Ghoul Wikia


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