Asta is an orphan who was left under the care of a church in the village of Hage. He have dreams of being the Magic Emperor (Magic King), however, he is unable to use magic and trains a lot to have insane physical strength. The grimoire he received had a 5 leaf clover, an icon never heard of before.

Ability: Asta uses this unique energy to nullify magic. After the Witch Queen uses her blood to remove the limits on Asta’s Anti Magic, he learns to channel the energy throughout his body and attain a form where Anti Magic courses through him and covers part of his body. Called Black Asta 「ブラックアスタ Burakku Asuta」, this form is drawn to strong magic and grants him the ability to fly. To activate the form Asta must stand still and concentrate on circulating the energy, which leaves him open to attack. Additionally, the physical exhaustion of using the form limits Asta’s usage to only twice each day, although he can push for a third.

Grimoire: Asta wields a five-leaf clover grimoire, which he receives during his fight with Revchi. The grimoire is tattered and covered in dirt, a black five-leaf clover insignia at the center of its front cover. This clover symbol is largely unseen due to the dirt covering it, making most (including Asta) assume that the grimoire possesses unusual magic but is otherwise ordinary. Asta is able to summon a sword from it, which he uses for his Anti Magic. His grimoire used to be a four-leaf clover grimoire that belonged to Licht.

Third Sword: Asta’s third sword can cut spells with its edges, much like his other two swords. It can also absorb and remove the effects of spells and negate Reincarnation Magic.



Age:15 (Previous) - 16 (Current)
Height:155 cm
Blood Type:A
Likes:Sister Lily
Squad:Black Bulls
Country:Clover Kingdom


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