Miyoko Sahara

Miyoko Sahara

佐原さはら みよこ

A kind girl from Ishida and Nishimiya’s elementary school. She was the only person willing to make an effort to learn sign language and befriend Nishimiya.

Sadly, this singled her out for bullying too and started to take all her classes in the nurse’s office. Ishida finds Sahara several years later so she can reconnect with Nishimiya, and she becomes her friend again. She was always and is still bullied by Ueno for her unorthodox sense of fashion, however the two remain close even after they separated and Sahara boldly claims they are now best friends. Sahara has grown very tall during the time-skip and due to her high heel boots appears even taller. After Ishida, Sahara spends the most time with the Nishimiya family; however, their relationship is briefly strained when Ishida decides to cut off all ties with his friends by insulting them, claiming that Sahara is always the first to run away from a problem. Sahara later texts Ishida asking how he could prove that he has grown up; this motivates him to risk his life saving Nishimiya during her attempted suicide. Fed up of Ueno always blaming Nishimiya for everything, she chooses to take Nishimiya’s side and defends her from being attacked by Ueno during Ishida’s hospitalization. After graduating from high school, Sahara goes to Tokyo to become a runway model, bringing an unwilling Ueno with her.





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