Tonkinganjila in Tonkinganjila's comment

mari pln tout

Tonkinganjila to Nomad

to pln

SanyamGarg in Ultrafrogjumper's comment

idk im trying to find out too

Ultrafrogjumper in Koisuru Shirokuma

where can I watch this?????

SanyamGarg in One Piece

new opening is fire

Ultrafrogjumper to SanyamGarg


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Shioko in Princess Connect! Re:Dive

Kyaru is so cute. I want to bring her home.

Med to Sonilestar


TomGER in Shiyanora's comment

Watched through it now too. I definitely agree that everything until ~75 was the best part of it with the Ant Arc feeling a bit too stretched out, though I personally liked the ending. We see Gon accomplish his anime-long goal of finding his father and get introduced to the following plot, which instantly works as an amazing teaser for following seasons.

Evilisian in SanyamGarg's comment

Yep i said it this site looks way more better than MAL bro 4 real MAL looks like a rlly old website

SanyamGarg in Evilisian's comment

OMG SAME! I spend so much time on this site updating my list and listening to soundtracks! I even sometimes upload soundtracks for my fav animes!!

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Evilisian in Is this site alive?

Yo, I don’t know about other people but for me i am visiting the website 7-9 times per a day


Smooth and beautiful site

Evilisian in dates of upcoming anime sorting

Yes it is a good idea like Sort By (Upcoming) (to be announced) (Finished)Etc…

Evilisian in Random Anime Picker

Oh yes good idea!

Evilisian in Can i Export My list to MAL?


Evilisian in SanyamGarg's comment

Yes MAL looks like an 1999 Site xD this one looks way more better

Evilisian in Can i Export My list to MAL?

Any Ideas?

Attackonfiller in One Piece

I hope my grandchildren will finish this series for me.

Shioko in Nihon Chinbotsu 2020

EP5: The old man is getting crazy.

Shioko in Nihon Chinbotsu 2020

EP5: Kite is getting crazy.

Shioko in Nihon Chinbotsu 2020

For some reason, we have something as twisted as a cult.

Shioko in Nihon Chinbotsu 2020

EP5: Daniel is annoying.

Shioko in Nihon Chinbotsu 2020

まさか、おばあちゃん (end of episode 4)

Shioko in Nihon Chinbotsu 2020

This title manages to end each episodes in an interesting and consistent way so far (ep 4).

Shioko in Nihon Chinbotsu 2020

Daniel. oh please use more interesting name.

Shioko in Nihon Chinbotsu 2020

I’m at episode 4. Hopefully Kite won’t die.

Crankyllama in Welcome to the forums!

heya i’m crankyllama, your average teen otaku browsing around on the internet while listening to music. i love anime and manga to a point that i could say my life revolves around it lmao. i’m pretty new to this multicolored medium called anime so go easy on me :p. looking for friends too so don’t be shy to dm me :)). oh btw i play osu for fun if yall ever wanna 1v1 me, i’m not too great at it though lmao.


If anyone interested, can join my discord and have some fun. i don’t have much members on discord but lets have some fun. (* ̄3 ̄)

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Sure :)

Spyros in Prabesh's comment

No need to apologize my friend, welcome to the site, remember to read the forum rules too and if you have discord, link it as well if you want.

Prabesh in Spyros's comment

sure :) am new here, so I didn’t know Sorry for that

Spyros in Prabesh's comment

Small note, this is the wrong spot to post something like that, this is an open group chat for contributors regarding the site. For info such as this, pls use the forum to open a thread.

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We add the number of episodes when we have that info, that does not mean that it is over though. The episode list is not shown at this time so it doesnt show the airing date properly. That should be ok within the day.

Prabesh in SamOak's comment

You are right, i am seeing it on my list and it says airing in anime page but, shouldn’t it have shown 3+/ ? on my list instead of 312. Like in one piece: 932 / ?

SamOak in Prabesh's comment

the anime page says it is airing, maybe you are seeing it on your list

Prabesh in Reiieru's comment

same here